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Early Decision

I've read a lot about the early decision option for law schools, and I know there is great debate over whether or not there is an admissions "bump" from doing it. What are your thoughts on the issue, particularly in regards to Top 10 schools?

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My opinion is that you are likely to increase your chances of admission from a binding early decision.

However, you should only do it if the school is the one you'd forsake all others for; if they say yes, you're committed.

Plus, you're telling the school how much you love them, and are committing to them, thereby effectively removing any capital you had for negotiation over financial aid.

So, if you're ready to get married, do it. If you're not sure, that doesn't mean you won't end up at that school; in fact, it's possible you'll get in and with more money (especially if you have other offers you can leverage).

Hope that helps you think,


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