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A concentration of wrong answers?

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A concentration of wrong answers?

Hey Dave! I noticed a strange pattern in the concentration of incorrect answers on the first practice exam I did under the full, timed environment (I even took a 15-minute break after section III!) Check out this little photo I snapped showing clusters of wrong answers for each section:

Now, for the logic games section, this would be understandable, especially if the cluster could be directly associated with one particular game. The same may even apply for much of the reading comp section. But for the two logical reasoning sections, it's inexplicable...unless the test writers cluster together questions in some identifiable sequence rather than randomly distribute the questions without hesitation or consideration.

Or maybe this is the product of some fabricated association that's nothing more than a mere coincidence? Or perhaps you'll have some more general advice for me, like don't worry about why you're getting clusters of questions wrong, and by golly, start concerning yourself with getting some friggin' answers right if you have any Earthy chance of getting into a law school worth it's salt!

If it means anything, the sections came in this order: logical reasoning, reading comp, logical reasoning, analytic reasoning.

I'm interested in your thoughts whether they be here on the forums or on the podcast! Oh, and THANKS for all the time you spend with and everything you do for us LSATers who are self-studying, especially the ones like me who are doing so because we're short on the resources required for tutoring and coaching!


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Hey, Tommy,

That distribution makes sense to me; it appears that there were two RC passages you struggled with, as you've suggested, and also that you had more trouble later in the LR.

This is expected; comparing the last half of any LR section with the first half, you'll find that the last half of the section is more difficult (the patterns are not represented as obviously, the passages are often denser and harder to read, and there are more attractive bad answer choices).

What this means for you is to make sure you're getting fast enough at the first half of the section to free up some more time to really puzzle through those difficult questions that are coming in the last half!


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