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I believe had seen a video on Velocity's youtube channel titled "Should I Cancel" a while back but I have not been able to find recently. If I am not mistaken and it was on Velocity's channel is there any chance I could directed towards the link that shows that video? 

Thank you!

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My, what sharp eyes you have!

Yes, I had a video up at YouTube that I recorded after the June test, but I pulled it down with the intention of recording a new version (same information, but maybe a little slimmed-down, and obviously without referencing the June test specifically). I just didn't get the time to do that this term.



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Hey Dave,
Seriously how screwed am I if I have 3 weeks till the Feb Test? I cancelled the test in Dec because of school and I don't wanna cancel it twice. I think the LSAC website said that probably was not a wise decision. I have been doing some Prep on my own but nothing as structured as this. This looks awesome. So I wouldnt really be starting from scratch, but I really want a good score. Please advise. I'd really appreciate it. Btw found out about ur site on YouTube.


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Hey, Joe,

Well, 3 weeks isn't optimal, but it's still enough time to do some real damage if you've got a solid plan and you execute faithfully, always with an eye toward learning how to do better on your next practice set (as opposed to simply trying to get through the work that's in front of you). 

You'll do best to do a little material very deeply, until you understand how the test writers think about this stuff. 

The time remaining till the Feb test isn't much, but it is enough to see meaningful improvement.

Hope that helps get you started!


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