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Additional Materials?

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Additional Materials?

Hey... Long time reader first time forum topice writer.

Does anyone have any recomendations for additonal materials to use to complement Dave's most awesomesauce online course? A little bit about my situation - I am studying for the October LSAT while working full time using the 10 week guide. I was originaly studying for the June LSAT when life got in the way and I chickend out. Since I am working full time I tend to do most of my studying in the evening starting at about 7pm. The thing that sucks is that my brain is "best" from about 7am - 2-3pm (great for test day bad for studying). Yes I am the most feared of all animals... a morning person. So, in any event, I find that I have periods of downtime during my day. Five minutes here and 10 minutes there. I figure this is a perfect amount of time to do a couple of LR questions, which is currently my weakest section. I know there is a book out there that has all LR questions from tests 1-20 organized by type. Is that somthing you would recomend or are the questions going to be so different as to be pointless? I don't want to spoil the course material or the future preptests.

In any event I have two months to go and want to maximize what downtime I have. Any thoughts are appreciated!

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Hey, Doug Adams Fan (me too!),

If you've found a book with those early LR questions arranged by type, it sounds like a perfect complement to our course. Be aware of two things:

1.You may notice some weirdness from some of those older questions, but the main difference is the tendency of some older material to seem to rely more heavily on "common-sense" notions than on deductive logic. However, this really only applies to a very small percentage of questions (10%-ish?). 

2. That book may arrange some question types differently than do our materials.

Neither of those issues should be dealbreakers; just something to keep in mind. I think you could make good use of such a book without major problems.


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