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Addendum for a drastic LSAT score increase???

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Addendum for a drastic LSAT score increase???


I have been applying to law schools the past couple of days after my LSAT results. Today I received a phone call about writing an addendum on my LSAT score increase from one of the law schools. The reason being is that I had a 15 point jump in my LSAT score due to your program and they believe that the addendum would make my application that much stronger. I owe all of my hard work to your teachings but I have no idea what to write other than DAVE HALL FUCKING ROCKS!!!!

This can come off as unprofessional so I am looking for some guidance on this addendum there sir.!?.!?.!?

All my thanks to you Dave

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Made. My. Day.

I got an alert of your comment while teaching class last night; I stopped the proceedings to read it to them (they found you inspiring!).

The good news is that your addendum is pretty straightforward: you just get to tell the truth.

Say that you tried the LSAT the first time without paying it the proper respect. Once you got your score back, you realized that you needed to work harder to achieve your potential. You sought help from a knowledgeable teacher, you worked your ass off, and you succeeded.

You want to drive home two points that will make you even more palatable to admissions committees:

1. You work harder when faced with setbacks. You don't cave; you rise to the occasion, and you conquer.

2. You are teachable. You thrive under tutelage, and you're going to thrive in the same way under the teaching of your law school professors.

So, in your addendum, you'll briefly sketch the history of your scores while trying to convey those two ideas. Cool?

Let me know if you need anything,


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