What makes Velocity better than the other guys?

Here’s what we think makes our course better than anyone else’s:

1. Dave Hall wrote it, based on his own experience earning perfect scores (three times! See his whole score record here). So you can be absolutely, completely certain that it worked for someone, at least (and Dave's not the only one who's benefitted from his methods).

2. Our course gives you a replicable, actionable set of steps for dealing with every kind of question the test writers ask. You will learn a complete methodology that you can take with you into test day and use to kick ass.

3. You get to prepare on your own time, at your own pace, with a Pause and Rewind button. We can’t imagine a better way to learn anything.

4. You get to ask questions when you’re stuck. You won’t be stuck very often (the videos are really comprehensive!), but if you do feel like you’re spinning your wheels, you can just ask for help, and Dave will record a new video response for you, or write you an answer, or maybe make you a drawing (he's been known to do interpretive dance, too).

6. You don’t have to take our word for it. You can get a taste of the course for free with some introductory videos and our always-changing tip-of-the-day taken straight from the course library. While our huge library of free video explanations is not a stand-in for our full course—in the free videos, we do not provide the methodology and the depth that we offer in our paid course—you can still get a good sense of whether Dave's someone you can learn from, and whether he's someone you’d enjoy learning from (and if you're going to spend 200-or-however-many hours with him, the answer to both questions had better be “yes” or you’ll just hate yourself by test day).

7. We’re easily the most bang for your buck! Thousands of videos, over a hundred hours of prep, and yet we're also enrolling students for less money than the other guys? KA-CHING.