What about reviewing practice tests?

One of the most important things to do in your learning is achieve a studied, deep review of your practice exams - something that can help you catch the points you'll need to hammer down.

Here's the basic approach I recommend:

1. Make sure that you completely understand why every correct answer is correct. I'm always around if you need help, but you have to totally get the reasons for right answers.

2. Make sure you can articulate the weaknesses of any bad answer choices you fell for. Again, I can help if you're stuck, but you need to really understand what makes an attractive bad answer wrong.

3. Think of it this way: If you had to teach someone else how to answer the question, what would you say?

While you're taking a practice test, find a way to mark every question that you're not 100% on (write the question number on your scratch paper, for example).

It's totally cool if you end up with literally every question noted on your scratch paper. Just take time to mark every instance where you're not sure.

Then, when you do your review, concentrate on confirming all the right answers to those marked questions—you made a lot of good choices: Why?—and on getting a deep understanding of where you went wrong. You'll need to know why every right answer is right if you want to repeat good performances and eliminate bad ones.

Couple review of those questions with particular attention paid to any questions that you missed and yet didn't mark (i.e., the ones you thought you were 100% sure of), and you'll have a comprehensive overlook of your areas of weakness, so you can systematically eradicate those weaknesses.