OK, you said you do editing for Law School Statements - how does that work?

I can help you plan and execute an ass-kicking Personal Statement, Diversity Statement, or any other thing you'd like to write.

The cost for this comprehensive help is $400 for 3 edits (or $150/edit if you want to go one-at-a-time).

Here are the details for comprehensive editing service:

1. You write a first draft of your statement, using the outline here (for Personal Statements) or here (for Diversity Statements) to get you started.

2. You submit that draft to me via Google Docs (I'll set it up for you; you'll just need to write (or copy) your statement to it).

3. You visit our store to purchase your edit/s.

4. Once you've finished your first draft, you can send me an email telling me you're ready for the first round of edits, and I will make notes and revisions in the text. I'll suggest improvements to the overall structure, and offer (sometimes extensive) revisions for the sake of clarity, readability, and style (to see my revisions, you'll choose "See revision history" from the File menu at Google Docs).

5. If you get the Comprehensive editing package, then you take note of my suggestions, and when you've finished your second draft, you'll email me to let me know you're ready for the second round of edits. We'll repeat that process one last time for a total of three edits from me.

6. The entire process usually takes between one and three weeks, depending on how quickly you write and how quickly I am able to respond. Usually, I submit edits within 48 hours of receiving your notification.

7. To get started, send me an email.