How do I get faster at Logical Reasoning?

The same way you'd get faster at typing (or running, or knitting, or doing Kung Fu forms).

Speed comes on this test from the same place it comes in every other thing we do in the world - by getting better at it.

Recognizing patterns is important (probably even essential - I know I couldn't've gotten all the questions right in the time allotted if I'd had to analyze each question individually). Instead, I learned to identify things by type. I sought patterns within the sections.

When I talk about pattern recognition, what I mean is this: something like 80-90% of the arguments within any Logical Reasoning section share something in common with other arguments in the section. To become a faster, fiercer test taker, you should spend a tremendous amount of time identifying those patterns, so that when you see an example of an argument type you've seen before, you can answer the question through recognition rather than analysis.

This work of identification and classification was the single most important thing I did in learning to succeed on this test.