How Can I Take 5-Section Practice Tests?

You may want to take 5-section (rather than the LSAC-provided 4-section) practice tests to better mimic your test day experience. If so, you can accomplish this quite easily! Here's what we recommend:

1. Set up your 5-section practice tests in four-test cycles. So, for example, set aside PrepTests 51-54 to use as 5-section timed tests.

2. Then, add one more test to that group, which will be your dedicated "experimental" section material. For example, you could add PrepTest 50 for this purpose. Just write EXPERIMENTAL across the top in black marker.

3. Now, each time you take a timed practice test, add one section from your EXPERIMENTAL test at the end.

Presto! You've got a 5-section timed test!