How are the free videos different from the Velocity Course?

You know how right now you have access to free explanations? The difference between those free videos and our paid membership is kind of like the difference between a dictionary and a creative writing class. In the free videos, we show you why all the right answers are right. In our paid course, we show you how to arrive at those answers.

With a full paid membership, you'll get a complete, action-oriented plan for dealing with every question the LSAT asks, and a replicable system for attacking the test and teaching it not to mess with you.

Your paid membership will add these benefits to your life:

  • Comprehensive attack plans for dealing with every kind of test question
  • Over 100 Theory videos to help you understand what the test wants, and how to deliver it
  • A complete context for every question—you'll learn to see things as part of a pattern, not just in isolation
  • Awesome video explanations for every single question from the PrepTests that form our course to show you how to put Velocity Theory into practice
  • Answers to any question you have—you'll have access to written and/or video responses for anything you need help with

If that sounds awesome and you want to learn more, check out our course offerings right here.