Do you think I should read the questions before reading the passage?

I do recommend reading the question first in LR, but not in RC. Here's why:

In LR, many questions do demand the same basic work from you while you read, but there are also important differences between effective reading styles for different question types. For example, in the way you read a Logical Reasoning passage when you're answering an Inference question (in which case, you're thinking about what the passage proves to be true) as opposed to your reading when answering a Necessary Assumption question (in which case you're thinking about what the arguer has left out).

As a result of those differences, I think it makes good sense to read the question first so that you know how to read the passage most effectively.

So, why not in RC?

Theoretically, this system would be just as effective elsewhere as it is in the LR section, but there are two practical considerations that tell me it's not a good system in the Reading Comprehension section:

  1. You can't remember 7 questions. The theory is that reading the question first focuses your reading of the passage. The practical truth is that most people simply can't hold the content of 5-8 different questions in their head while at the same time doing an active, engaged reading of a 60-line passage. It's theoretically strong, but practically impossible.
  2. You already know what you're going to be asked. In much the same way that you know, for any page of the LR, what 6 or 7 question types are most likely to be on that page, you can know what questions you'll likely be asked on any RC passage. Since you know what's typically asked, you can simply structure your reading accordingly, with an eye to the ideas that are most likely to be tested.