LSAT Kung Fu Blog / Semester 2, Week 8: Spring Break-ish

Semester 2, Week 8: Spring Break-ish

Jumping Jehosephat

Hahahaha we're all sooooo drunk and bouncy. Spring Brake! Spelling's for losers!

So, next week is Spring Break at my school, and I would normally take that week off from writing a blog post.


I’ve recently done some interviews for possible summer law jobs, and I’d like to write about those. However, I expect to hear job offers (or people declining my services) this week. So I’m going to take my break this week, and I’ll be back next week with my thoughts on the interview process, informed by my success—or lack thereof—at doing interviews.

We’ll talk soon.

Hours for the week: Class = 15.75 / Study = 3.25 / Other = 2.5 / Total Time on Schoolwork = 19 / Total Time on Campus = 39 [Ugh this schedule SUCKS]

Questions? Comments? Complaints? Post them below, or shoot me an email.

Be good to one another, for we need it now more than maybe ever,


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Hey Dave,the 10% code does not work. Is it still valid?


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Oh, no! I’m sorry that happened. It’s so weird; the code does work for other users. It sucks that it gave you trouble. If you’ll send me an email (just so that I have your email address: I will set you up with a workaround solution. I have brought your problem to the attention of Steve in Tech and we’ll also get to the bottom of whatever’s going wrong with the Dave10 code.  

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Hi! There was a bug for users trying to use the coupon code while already being logged into in account, but that has been squashed. You should now be good to go. Please let us know if you encounter any more issues.