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Burning out before crunch time?

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Burning out before crunch time?

Hey - I don't really have a specific question but am more looking for advice/tips/different ideas for moving forward

I'm finding that in the last week or so my practice test scores are lower than they were in towards the beginning of my studies, primarily in the LR section. I'm trying to stick firmly to the study plan by answering the questions before looking at answer choices, even though sometimes I find myself in those damned choices before I can stop myself. My answers are usually close to right. I've gone back and am rewatching the theory videos on the ones I seem to struggle with the most as well as all the conditional videos. Conditionals do still give me some hiccups, but they don't seem to be the source of most of my issues. And even though I feel like I understand the concepts better, my test scores say otherwise.

I think I could be either A) overthinking questions as I review more, or (more likely) B) burning myself out trying to keep up. Or C) something else entirely/who the hell knows.

I've thought about skipping a week to get some distance and see if that helps. But since I'm siting for the December LSAT, I'm hesitant to do that, especially so close to the two week crunch time. In addition, I'm still not finishing under 35 minutes and I don't want to slow myself down. That being said, finishing in 35 minutes means jack squat if you aren't getting questions right.

Any tips appreciated or if anyone else has run into this, please let me know how you got out the funk!

(For the record - yes, usually shit starts going downhill around the 3rd fold, but not always)

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I agree with both your assessment and your proposed solution. Although maybe take off three good days instead of a week?

You can also try some drills where you do the first half of the section in 10 or 12 minutes; force yourself to make your choice where the most-likely answers are usually correct, and free some time on the backend. But don't do that more than once or twice if it means you miss more than 2 questions in the first half.

Make sense?

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Yes, thanks for the help!

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