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New podcast subjects.

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New podcast subjects.

you're awesome man, you're podcast about 2 specific subjects i needed help on.


for this week's podcast how about:

RC-any sorts of patterns that you see when it comes to passage types(law,sciences,humanities).  also some help on how to answer the different types of questions (i particularly miss Inference type, which is weird because i rarely miss them in LR).  


LG- tips on how to answer that new type of question in most LG's more quickly and accurately.


I really need help in RC though...



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Hm. I don't think I see enough there for a podcast...

Briefly, though:

1. Every RC question is an Inference question; the answer has to be found in the passage! All you have to do is go back in there and get it!

2. There are video explanations for every instance of the Substitution Question in the Games section - those appear in PrepTests 57, 58, 59, 61, and 62.

P.S. Since you say you're finding that you need a lot of help with RC, you may want to consider adding the RC course; there's lots of passages for you to work and lots more detail on how to deal with them there.

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