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Week 7: Legal Research is Hell

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That's me on the right.

I have made an important discovery. I need to find a partner for my future law practice who enjoys doing research.

I know that such people must exist, and it is incumbent upon me to find at least one of them to work with me, or I will be forced to put out both my eyes and leave the law entirely to train sheep (the eye-gouging will be necessary to ensure that I never accidentally take up further legal research. I do not know for what endeavor I'll be training the sheep. A heist, maybe?).

I'm entirely confident that I'm not alone in my feelings about doing research, and I know that smart people before me have learned to cope with the exigencies of the trade. But man. I mean, I am learning, and I'm (very slowly, with much difficulty) gaining some skill, but it feels Sisyphean.

In one of the very first jobs I ever had, I worked alongside a wise man who told me it was important to gain a variety of experience, because that way you could  at least rule out some things you knew you didn't want to do.

Well, I now have an increased esteem for law librarians, and a firm sense of one thing I don't want to do (but will probably have to, at least a little).

And here's a thing: I'm doing research in what the kids are calling The Information Age. It should be easier for me that it was for our parents.

Anyway, the moral (inasmuch as this story has one) is listen to your Legal Research professor, at least enough so that you can perform an adequate search of Lexis or Westlaw.

Just don't plan to be bowled over by the experience, is what I'm saying.

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Be good to one another, for we need it now more than maybe ever,


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