LSAT Kung Fu Blog / Week 18 + 19: Holiday Interregnum

Week 18 + 19: Holiday Interregnum

Eggnog for LSAT Excellence

Those glasses are like 70% brandy. Hic.

Ugh. I’m sick on vacation.

Not as bad as Wife and Son, who were too sick to fly yesterday, so we didn’t fly, and rescheduling pushed us back an additional week. I should be working on my write-on for the journal I want to join this year, but I don’t feel like it.

I can’t stop thinking about the mistakes I know I made on my finals. Whether I did better or worse than I thought, it’ll be a relief to get the grades, just so I can stop thinking about it (of course, that relief will be short-lived; a few days after grades come out, we’ll start back up for the Spring semester).

I miss home mostly because all season long we listen to cheesy awful Christmas music and I LOVE it. I haven’t heard nearly enough Andy Williams this year (he’s the worst!) and I miss it terribly.

A little bit of business: in the new year, we’re going to add live online Office Hours to our courses. I intended to finalize the details this week and have it up and running in the first week of January. But since I’m both out of state and out of sorts, I’ll do it once we get back home.

So, I don’t have full details for you, but it will look something like this:

  • I’ll be available on Skype for an hour every week (for the next few months, I’m thinking probably Friday afternoons: I’ll put up a calendar and link to it in the blog once I’ve decided for sure)
  • The calendar will be set and I’ll stick to it as best as humanly possible
  • You’ll register to join, and entry will be limited to 25 students every session
  • Students in the top-level course (the “Roid Rage Mega Velocity” option) can join every session for free so long as they’re among the first 25 to register 
  • If registration becomes an issue (if people are consistently unable to get in because the same 25 people are super-quick on the trigger) I’ll create a solution. We’ll worry about that if it happens, but I’m saying we’ll find a fix if it does.
  • Maybe in the future we’ll add an option for students in our other courses to join for a per-session fee (probably $20-$50/session), but that probably won’t be available right away

We tried something like this about five years ago, but the technology wasn’t quite there. It frustrated me and I quit doing it. I think Skype is good enough now to make it worthwhile. Exciting!

Well, that’s all I’ve got this week. If I can think of something worth telling you about next week, I’ll write. Otherwise, well I suppose you’ll find a way to cope.

I hope you have had/are having a perfectly lovely holiday, filled with joy and family and all of the bad/good music you can handle and don’t forget the eggnog!


Questions? Comments? Complaints? Post them below, or shoot me an email.

Be good to one another, for we need it now more than maybe ever,


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