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Guest Post! Your Personal Statement: Do's and Dont's

Law School Personal Statements Do's and Don't's

One of inGenius prep's law school admissions experts explains three "do's" and "don't's" of the law school personal statement. 

In this installment, Joel - a student at Yale Law School - explains three key tips for the law school personal statement: what to write about, how the personal statement should relate to the rest of your application, and how to let law schools know you mean business in your personal statement.

Anti-Logical Douchebag of the Year, Part 1

This morning, we’re going to do three things together: First, take a look at real-world instances of two logical errors that occur regularly on the LSAT; Second, we’ll announce our first nominee for Anti-Logical Douchebag of the year, and; Third, I’ll enlist your help to come up with a better name for the award than that. Sounds fun, right? Let’s get started.

The Podcast is Here

LSAT Prep Podcast by Dave Hall

So, this is our podcast. We intend it to be a wide-ranging conversation of things LSAT preparation related, and of law-school-admission, logic, and kicking ass.

(You can listen here, or by searching iTunes for "LSAT Kung Fu")

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