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The LSAT-Flex Exerience

See what we did there?

Note: The following is Stephanie's* (a real Velocity LSAT student) story of her LSAT-Flex experience on Monday, June 15, 2020, as told to Dave Hall.

It's February LSAT Week!

It’s LSAT week! The February 2014 LSAT is literally one week away!

What a time to be alive! The air is buzzing with possibility - the time for greatness is upon us now.

If you’re one of my students, then I know you’re ready for the test. Now, let’s make sure you’re also ready for test day. Let’s take a minute and walk through expectations, what to bring and what to leave, and then we’ll close out this post with some words of encouragement.

First: What to bring on LSAT-day.

It helps to have a list that you can check off - we’ve split ours into three parts.

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