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How To Get Into Law School: Personal Statement

Law School Personal Statement

All you'd need is some stirring theme music. Right?

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to continue our look at each piece of the law school application. We’re going to work chronologically—that is, we’ll take each item in the order that you should (in a perfect world, one in which you can maybe go back in time and fix your mistakes) be working on it. I’ve chosen to use a Q+A format, to make you feel like we’re in this together. It will be fun. I promise absolutely do not promise that.

Guest Post! Your Personal Statement: Do's and Dont's

Law School Personal Statements Do's and Don't's

One of inGenius prep's law school admissions experts explains three "do's" and "don't's" of the law school personal statement. 

In this installment, Joel - a student at Yale Law School - explains three key tips for the law school personal statement: what to write about, how the personal statement should relate to the rest of your application, and how to let law schools know you mean business in your personal statement.

Six Steps to an Awesome Law School Personal Statement

Six Steps to an Awesome Law School Personal Statement

Many of you are applying to law school this fall. Part of that process involves writing an awesome Personal Statement; the kind of essay that will make law schools fall in love, send scholarship offers rolling in, and set the flowers in bloom and the robins in song. Yes; that kind of statement.

To help you accomplish this goal, here are Dave Hall's top six tips for writing an ass-kicking personal statement:

1. Find a story to tell.

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