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How to Get a Perfect LSAT Score

Awesome Lego Dragon

This dragon would not get a perfect LSAT score.

Well, this is how I got my perfect LSAT score (s! Three of them. But who’s counting?*). It will provide you a framework for understanding how a person can get a great LSAT score, and will tell you with some specificity what you should do to earn your own perfect (or maybe just really, really good) score on the test.


Should I Cancel My LSAT Score?

But are you really, really sure?

This morning, we’ll undertake an investigation into one of the most problematic issues facing America; one of the thorniest problems of our time - should I, uh, cancel my LSAT score?

To answer this murky, subjective, psychologically- and emotionally-charged question, we’ll make use of reason, thoughtfulness, and math. Sounds delicious.

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