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How To Assess Games Difficulty

Charlie Day is figuring it out.

Charlie Day is figuring it out.

A few weeks ago, we discussed whether you ought to spend a little time assessing Reading Comprehension passage difficulty. That discussion also applies, in pretty much exactly the same way, to LSAT Games. You should assess difficulty! You shouldn’t spend much time doing it, though! And you should definitely not try comparing games in a section to each other.

How To Do LSAT Logic Games, Fast  

This is what I'm talking about!

This is what I'm talking about!

So, you want to do logic games more efficiently? You’ve come to the right place, kid. Let’s kick off that LSAT prep of yours with some sweet, sweet tips on how to be faster at Games:

Quick Hit: Your Introduction to LSAT Games (Part 2 of 2)

Hi, there. So, you come here often? Really? Yeah, I'm totally into—Wait. We're not here for that. We're here because you want the world's best LSAT prep, and that's what we've got. So let’s pick up where we left off yesterday, and talk about Grouping Templates for LSAT Games

Quick Hit: Your Introduction to LSAT Games

So, today I thought it'd be nice to have a post especially for those of you new to the LSAT, and looking for the best way to get into your LSAT prep. It seems like it might be fun if we took an introductory look at LSAT Games.

Over time, the Games section of the LSAT has evolved to become very highly predictable and hews closely to a small number of patterns of games. This is good; it means that the Games section is the most highly learn-able section of the test.

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