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Semester 2, Week 16: Falling Feels Like Flying

Falling Guy

Who's to say he's not LEAPING, CAT-LIKE, onto the ladder?

Well, last week was the last week of classes for my 1L year. As I write this, my first final (Contracts II) is tomorrow morning. Then I’ve got two days off, then my second final (Civ Pro II), then two more days off, and final three (Property) followed by two more days off, then the final final (Torts II) of my first year of law school.

Semester 2, Week 13: How to Write a Law School Exam

Farm Animals

Happy #NationalFarmAnimalsDay

I thought I might not write a blog post this week. I don’t know why I’m so tired, but I am! I think I haven’t fully recovered from the extended Spring Break festivities/ongoing carnival of visitors (my wife and I took a weekend away, but we made what was in retrospect the mistake of driving nearly three hours to do it).

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