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FAQ Three

When you rock this hard, you'll be ready.

Today, we'll continue our dive into the Velocity mail bag, in what would constitute a federal crime if these missives weren't meant for me. What a difference an address makes! Anyway, onward:

Q: How should I go about reviewing practice tests?

A: One of the most important things to do in your learning is achieve a studied, deep review of your practice exams - something that can help you catch the points you'll need to hammer down.

Here's the basic approach I recommend:



That's gross.

Today, we’ll resume our ode to the (now no-longer-new) FAQ page at our site, by answering a couple of , uh, FAQ. 

Q: So, how does the Velocity video course work?

A: There’s an awesome 6-step program (you can dance to it, if you want). Like this:

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