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How To Get Into Law School: Diversity Statement

Law School Diversity Statement

See? We can come together. As long as the old white men are front and center.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to continue our look at each piece of the law school application. We’re going to work chronologically—that is, we’ll take each item in the order that you should (in a perfect world, one in which you can maybe go back in time and fix your mistakes) be working on it. I’ve chosen to use a Q+A format, to make you feel like we’re in this together. It will be fun. I promise absolutely do not promise that.

5 Hot Tips for an Awesome Diversity Statement

5 Hot Tips for an Awesome Diversity Statement

Hey, Dave, should I write a Diversity Statement?


You are you, which means you're not me or her or him. That means you're diverse, and you should tell your prospective law school why you are and why that matters.

Think about your diversity statement as being another chance for you to win the argument that you belong in law school X. One way in which you're not diverse is that you want that extra chance to make your case. You have the chance; use it.

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