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Five ways the digital LSAT will be just like the paper LSAT (and one way it should be better)

Digital Watches

Yes! More digital watches!

There is justifiable tension among prospective law students---ugh. Strike that. I took a break from writing a law school paper to talk about the LSAT for a minute, and IT SHOWS. I’ve never read a more law-school-papery first clause of a sentence than that one. I’m sorry. Now where were we? 

About That Digital LSAT...


Yes. Exactly like this watch.

What is the Digital LSAT?

So glad you asked. As it happens, that's exactly what I wanted to talk about. The digital LSAT is the same same same as the paper-and-pencil LSAT, except on tablets instead of in paper booklets. LSAC will provide the tablets to test takers at the test center. The content, structure, and questions will all be the same as the current LSAT.

But the tablets might be cool. They're supposed to have a timer with a five-minute warning, and they'll let you highlight and flag questions to come back to (within the section you're working on).

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