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1L summer job

1L Summer Week 9: One Way That Diversity Matters

Zazie Beetz

I bet Zazie Beetz probably wants to be my girlfriend.

I have a pretty good example this week of why you should do what you want to do in college, instead of doing what you think will make you a better candidate for law school. First, because doing what you want to do will make you a better candidate for law school. But we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to talk about video editing.

1L Summer Week 8: The Form as Art

Crazy Painter

Pretty much what I look like when I'm filling in a form.

Here’s a thing I’ve learned this summer; DHS (the Department of Homeland Security) and USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) rival the IRS in the number, scope, complexity and inanity of their forms. I’ve become very familiar with:

1L Summer Week 3: The Great Divide


Be honest; I overdid the bronzer, didn't I?

I went to General Sessions Court yesterday, and to Juvenile Court today. I’ve been to both places before: GS Court in my own county for a traffic ticket (I WAS FRAMED I TELL YOU) and Juvenile Court in a nearby county many times as a CASA volunteer (you can really help out some kids, your local court system, and therefore the larger Cause of Justice if you can spare some time to volunteer for CASA.

1L Summer Job Week 1 + 2

Michael Scott

Nobody's done this at my office.

Well, the first week was interesting, and the second week was a weird series of adventures (well, that’s a generous characterization. I started to catch a cold Friday of Week 1, and by Memorial Day, it had turned into a sinus infection. I went in to work Tuesday and got sent home. I stayed home Wednesday too, and Thursday decided I had to actually go to a doctor (ugh). Loaded up on antibiotics, and Friday I carpooled with the other 1L summer clerk to the firm’s state main office for a day of training.

Semester 2, Week 11: How to Write a Cover Letter

Cover Letter

So cover. Much letter.

This past week, I accepted a summer position with a local public interest firm. It promises to be an immersive, hands-on experience in which I will be given considerable latitude in determining my range of responsibilities. I cannot practice law yet (most states have laws that will allow a law student to practice under the supervision of a licensed attorney, but in most cases—including my state—the student must have completed three or four semesters’ worth of law school classes), but I can accompany lawyers to court, help write briefs, and do some of the work of an advocate.

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