LSAT Kung Fu Blog / Semester 2, Week 16: Falling Feels Like Flying

Semester 2, Week 16: Falling Feels Like Flying

Falling Guy

Who's to say he's not LEAPING, CAT-LIKE, onto the ladder?

Well, last week was the last week of classes for my 1L year. As I write this, my first final (Contracts II) is tomorrow morning. Then I’ve got two days off, then my second final (Civ Pro II), then two more days off, and final three (Property) followed by two more days off, then the final final (Torts II) of my first year of law school.

I clearly remember the feeling I described as I approached my first set of law school finals: like we’d run off the cliff but hadn’t started falling yet (to be fair, I mean, I’m old, but not so old that I cannot clearly remember something that happened fewer than five months ago).

Right now, the feeling is so different. Our final tomorrow is closed book, so I spent about two hours yesterday and so far two more today reviewing my notes and previous exams. I will probably do another hour this evening. 

But I also spent all day Saturday at Six Flags (long chartered bus ride there and back. The boy played in his middle school orchestra competition. They won! Best orchestra overall. He’s a good boy), and I walked the dogs again (haven’t done that all semester; you may remember my ongoing complaining about my schedule, where I spent several hours in the middle of every day stuck at school? What’s that? You do remember my nagging, constant, whiny complaints about my schedule? Well, OK, then. I was just mentioning it because I left to take the boy to school before sunrise most days, so I couldn’t walk the dogs before school, and I got home right about dinner time, and so I didn’t want to walk them after school), and it was really nice. The dogs seemed to appreciate it.

What I’m saying is that Finals feels like the best part of the semester so far. I do have work to do, but I’m in charge of my own time (being in charge of my own time was a big part of why I started Velocity. It’s probably the single largest thing I’m not looking forward to when I start working for someone else), and I’m really enjoying it.


You may want to ask me about all this again once grades come out (hence the title of this post). But at least for now, I feel peaceful and happier than I’ve felt in many weeks. Having two full days between every final has a lot to do with that (so, there’s at least one thing that I really, really like about my second semester schedule (alliterative!), which I am patting myself on the back for pointing out).

OK. I’m going to go back over those Contracts notes of mine one more time. Next week, I’ll do a full breakdown of how I spent my time this semester. It’ll be interesting, I think (well, at least to me). 

Hours for the week: Class = 10.75 / Study = 6 / Other = 0 / Total Time on Schoolwork = 16.75 / Total Time on Campus = 29

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Be good to one another, for we need it now more than maybe ever,


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