LSAT Kung Fu Blog / Semester 2, Week 12: The Roller Coaster

Semester 2, Week 12: The Roller Coaster

Roller coaster

A little too on-the-nose? MAYBE.

Guys, law school is a roller coaster (well, an emotional roller coaster. Not a literal roller coaster) (But wouldn’t that be great? I bet enrollments in law school would go THROUGH THE ROOF if they replaced classes with a literal roller coaster. Are you listening, Big Law School? This idea is now my copyright and you will owe me some of that sweet, sweet enrollment cash once you make the switch to a roller-coaster-based curriculum).

Emotionally, it seems like it might be an awful lot like the practice of law. I imagine that—particularly for a litigator—losing a case would be like a punch to the stomach (especially when you really believed you should have/were going to win), and winning probably feels like life just gave you a high-five. Law school is that way in my experience.

You say something dumb in class, and you wish you could crawl under your seat so that no one can see your shame.

Then you do something smart (maybe even by accident!) and you strut around campus like you’re a dang superhero.

There are ups and downs, is what I’m saying. You know, like a roller coaster.

The thing is, with a roller coaster, you do not hop off during the down times (that would be very dangerous, among other reasons). 

Also, though, on a roller coaster there’s no way to make the up times last any longer than they do. 

The times come and they go and you have no control over their length nor their severity. All you can do is hang on and try not to throw up.

It’s been a long and emotional month (for one thing, we have had as many as four houseguests in our home in various permutations for the last six weeks. The last two parties leave tomorrow), and I’m feeling it. 

So what I’m trying to do, and what I’m suggesting you do, is find a center. For me, it’s my family. They love me the same amount no matter where I am on the coaster. And since they are the most important thing to me, concentrating on them helps me from getting too low (and makes the highs even better because I share them).

So get a family is I guess what I’m saying? Not really. But do find something centering. And it’s probably best if you can find your centering person/group/activity before you start law school, so that you have the ballast in place already once you start the ride.

The experience is intense [don’t make camping joke don’t make camping joke don’t make camping joke]. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you can find an appropriate avenue for centering your emotional core.

And try to remember that in law school, also like a roller coaster, the ride does eventually come to an end.

(And then you get to take the bar. You know, like a reward.)

Hours for the week: Class = 11.25 / Study = 3.5 / Other = 23.5 / Total Time on Schoolwork = 38.25 / Total Time on Campus = 39 (I had a Brief due last week, plus I wrote another Brief for a scholarship, plus I participated in an Oral Advocacy event that ate up one evening)

Questions? Comments? Complaints? Post them below, or shoot me an email.

Be good to one another, for we need it now more than maybe ever,


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