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Quick Hit: The Bait + Switch

Quick Hit: The Bait + Switch

So, you may have noticed that what with one thing and another, I've not been posting to the blog regularly.

I think that's too bad, and I intend to remedy the situation, so I'm introducing a new, quick-and-dirty style of post; just a few lines that I'll use to explain something from a recent test that I find useful. Today's post is from PrepTest 69 (where I earned my third 180. NBD), Section I, Q 17. Here on out, I'll indicate thusly: 69.1.17

I'm calling these Quick Hits, like when you're passing around a-- Wait. Never mind why I'm calling them Quick Hits.

And now, let's go!


You know what's awesome? Bait and switch LSAT argumentation, that's what's awesome. Also, politicians.

Check out how this douche nozzle (seriously. This guy's as bad as this guy--who, by the way, was really funny (Carlos Danger? Best pseudonym EVER), so that I think it's really too bad that he's apparently awful as a human being. But wait, now I've gone too far afield. Where was I?) oh, yeah; this politician baits the hook by claiming that films are causing children to hurt other children, but then when it comes to providing evidence, he switches over to show us children hurting clown dolls(!).

Now, don't get me wrong; clown dolls are irredeemably creepy and should certainly be punched (and kicked, too. While they're down. Disgusting creepy-ass things). Still, showing that children punch a clown doll does nothing at all--at ALL-- to show that children punch other children!

This horrible politician (almost certainly a member of the US Congress, amirite?) has simply assumed, without providing any evidence, that punching clown dolls means that you punch other children.

We've been asked to weaken this argument, so we'll do so by attacking that assumption.

Check out the bulge in answer choice (C)! I mean, if you say that the kids are no more likely to hurt other children, then you punch right through the false equivalence the politician set up; his assumption (that clown dolls = children) dies, and with it, his whole argument.

Yeah for the awesome power of logic!


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