LSAT Kung Fu Blog / Oh, it's happening. This sh*t just got real.

Oh, it's happening. This sh*t just got real.

There be a storm a brewin

Bet yer salty arse, sailor. Batten down the...whatevers.

Look, I don't want to make too big a deal of this. It's not like we've found an Ebola vaccine. So we will curb our enthusiasm accordingly. Still.


So, to celebrate, we'll do a quick Q+A. Let's do this!

Q: Why are you releasing free explanations of all the right answers?

A: Because we're awesome. And because we look around the world of LSAT prep and see that it's crowded with a lot of really ineffective options*. Random people off the street just get a bunch of LSAT questions, they get an answer key, and they try real hard to explain what’s happening. And they call that prep. You deserve better than that.

Q: I don’t get it.

A: Well, we saw what other companies were passing off as LSAT prep, and we thought “Well, that’s worthless,” and then we thought “You know, really good explanations would be of some value,” so we started releasing good explanations.

Q: OK, but don’t you guys still offer a paid version of your course?

A: Totally. These new free videos are super awesome if you’re stuck on a question and you just cannot figure out why the right answer is (B). There’s some value here for you! But these videos don’t show you how to do LSAT. Think of them as being kind of like a dictionary; in the free videos, we explain what the right answers mean. But in the paid course, you’re getting a user’s manual: there, we show you how to attack the test and show you an action plan for dealing with every facet of it. We think that kind of knowledge is very valuable, and that it’s worth paying for. If you agree, then join the team! If not, that’s also totally cool; you still get all the free explanations and our new and awesome LSATgrader.

Q: You’re pretty awesome.

A: We know. We’re not shy. Or humble. But we are good at LSAT.

Q: So, how do I use the free videos?

A: You click here, then pick a Game, or a RC passage, or any LR question that’s been weighing you down, and you watch our unpacking of it.

Q: But what if I still don’t understand the right answer after I watch the video?

A: We’ll help! To do that, you create a free account here (you’ll see a check box to get a free account at the top), then you post a comment asking your question. Dave Hall will respond with an answer to you, or maybe he’ll just re-record the video to clarify the answer. We’re here to make your life better, is what we’re saying.

Q: Do all your videos come with that video advertising your paid course?

A: They do. All the free videos come with a video tag at the end explaining the difference between those videos and our paid course. Here’s what we suggest, if you find that video tag disconcerting: don’t watch it! We put it at the end so that it’s there for your info, but it should never interfere with your ability to access, enjoy, and make use of all our free awesomeness (because, you know, it comes at the end). Um, that didn’t sound mean, did it? We don’t want to be mean—that’s why we put the tag where you can find it, but where you’ll probably never watch it more than once. See? TOTALLY NICE.

Q: Are you seeing anyone right now?

A: What?!

Q: Nothing.

A: OK, but that was kind of weird.

Q: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

A: Do you have anything more to ask about our new free videos?

Q: Hey! I ask the questions around here! So, is there anything you’d like to add?

A: Only this: users can make this more useful. If you have an idea, or a complaint, or you want to add something or want us to take another shot at something, let us know. Seriously. We want this to be an incredible experience for you. It’s your prep; let’s make it awesome.

Q: Puppy dog eyes.

A: Stop it. 


*Look. We are NOT saying that we’re the only sane option for LSAT prep. There are other good options out there, and you should definitely make use of them if for some reason you develop a crazy disorder wherein you are unable to type the letter “v” and are thus unable to access our website. Still, if you can type the letter “v” then you should follow it up with”…” and use our awesome free videos and then join the team and together we’ll RULE THE GALAXY.