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How To Get Into Law School: GPA

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Over the next few weeks, we’re going to take a look at each piece of the law school application. We’re going to work chronologically—that is, we’ll take each item in the order that you should (in a perfect world, one in which you can maybe go back in time and fix your mistakes) be working on it. I’ve chosen to use a Q+A format, to make you feel like we’re in this together. It will be fun. I promise absolutely do not promise that.

So, what are looking at today? Your UGPA.

What is it? A single-digit number measured to the 1/100th that purports to distill your academic worth into an highly-digestible, easily-comparable format and is heavily used by The Man to try to keep you down.

How important is it? It’s worth approximately 40% of your admission decision.

Wait. That seems low. Are you sure? Well, we could put it another way—it’s the second-most important piece of the puzzle at most schools, right behind your LSAT score. Does that help?

Yes. Good.

How much control do I have over it? Near total. Go to fewer parties (not none parties. Just… fewer). Put the bong down for, like, a minute. Read your assignments. Listen to your professors and take notes if it will help you remember what they say. Do your work. Generally, if you hold up your end of the bargain, you will earn the grades that you deserve.

What about my US Naval History professor, who plays favorites and doesn’t like me? Don’t worry about her/him. Do the work that you can do, do it the best that you can do, and know—really, this is true—that one poor grade isn’t going to sink your ship.

What about all the professors at my school, who all play favorites and don’t grade fair and they all don’t like me? All of them? Really? You sure about that? Kind of sounds like they might not be the problem here. Tell you what; do this real quick: which one person in your group of friends (there’s always one) is the a**hole? If your answer was “all of them,” well, I’ve got some tough news for you…

What can I do about it? The fact that you’re the a**hole? Find something to like about yourself. Stop comparing yourself to other people. Realize that you are the captain of your soul, and start acting like a captain.

I meant about my grades. Oh. Well, take classes in subjects that you care about. It is much, much, much better for your admissions chances to show committees that you care about something than to show committees that you were a pre-law student. Being a pre-law student, in itself, does nothing to help you get into law school. In fact, it may be hurting you by keeping you from doing course work that you find interesting, would excel at, and which would help to differentiate you from the pack. That’s your goal! To stand out. You tell me who makes an impression on you—the second Chemical Engineering student you’ve seen this year, or the 1,732nd pre-law?

I see what you mean. Good.

But what if I only love pre-law? Then do that! Excel at it. The point is to be the genuine you. The you-est you that you can be. And to do it well, so that your grades become what they ought to have been all along—a reflection of the work that you put into making yourself a smarter, more-interesting person.

OK. Anything else? Wasn’t that enough?

I dunno. Sounds like a lot of work. Who told you getting into law school was going to be easy? Of course it’s a lot of work; anything hard that’s worth doing is a lot of work.

You’re right. I see that. I will redouble my efforts, and take control of my future. I will not worry about the things I don’t control, but I will never stop working to earn the things I want, and I will also be kind to others along the way. Well, there you go. Glad we settled that.

You’ve been very helpful. Thanks! I hate to pat my own back, so it’s nice to hear it from you.

But get over yourself. I’ll try.

Be good to one another. We’re the only ones we’ve got,


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