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How to Fight Trump

A candle, like logic, makes light in the dark.


I don’t use this space for political opinions. I almost never use it for personal sharing (other than how I feel about flaw types on the LSAT, obvs).

But Trump poses an existential threat to our democracy. His numerous and repeated menacing statements on the press, on Muslims, on Mexicans, on women (on pretty much everyone, right?) constitute forthright declarations of war against the American experiment. So this is different. This is worth talking about, and just because I happen to own a business doesn't mean I can abdicate my duties as a thinking, moral being.

Plus, he’s just an asshole. I mean, he mocked a disabled man for his disability. Who does that?

So I think we should fight him. America is our home. He came into our home and he threatened us. 

And also, America is an idea. More than maybe anyplace else, America is supposed to mean something specific about welcome, about seeing our common humanity, about reserving a place at the table for everybody. It’s supposed to be for all of us, and I think we should use every tool at our disposal to ensure that this beautiful, fragile idea that is our country survives the next four years.

Here’s some ways we can fight him, in general terms:

  1. Anger. Don’t let Trump become normal to you. There is right and there is wrong, and bragging about sexual assault is wrong. It’s easy to become inured to the pain when it’s being repeated daily in a constant stream of terribleness, but anger is sustaining. It can be an engine. It can get you moving and it can keep you warm. So we should embrace the anger. Stoke it. Don’t let it succumb to the constant barrage of lies and slights and affronts. Instead, every single day, imagine a pair of tiny, Cheetos-colored hands grabbing at your genitals. That creeping loathing you’re feeling right now? Hold onto it. You’re going to need it if you’re going to stay in this thing for the long haul.
  2. Kindness. Our new president literally said that when dealing with women “you have to treat ‘em like shit.” This is not recommended. We can do better, than that. We can treat each other like beings with intrinsic dignity. I’m certain we can, and I’m almost positive we’re supposed to. Over the next four years, there will be a temptation to demonize Trump supporters. This temptation will sometimes overcome you. It’s OK, you’re a human being and when you see people bullying others, and celebrating that bullying, it sometimes makes you hate those people. Here’s the trick, though; ignore those people. Instead, be kind to everyone you can. Concentrate on being the light. Don’t forget you’re in a fight, but also don’t become the monster you’re fighting against.
  3. Logic. Demand evidence. Don’t settle for rhetoric. If somebody tells you that immigrants are rapists, ask whether that’s actually supported by any evidence (it’s not). On the LSAT, we know that we can accept the truth of the claims we read, but that nicety does not hold in the rest of our lives. Reason springs from the acceptance of facts and proceeds by following those facts where they lead. When new data conflicts with our previous beliefs, good logicians (just like scientists) adjust their beliefs, not the data. We can disagree about almost everything, but when somebody begins to disagree with verifiable fact, that person forfeits his/her place in the discussion. Don’t let anybody gaslight you. There is plenty of research at your fingertips; check what you read against a reputable source (this goes both ways. People will tell you lies that you hate and lies that you like. Don’t accept the former, and don’t spread the latter).

Be good to one another. Do your best.



kariross's picture

Thank you, Dave, for speaking up! My driving factor for going to law school, and thus having to take the LSAT, is to protect reproductive and human rights for all. Now more than ever, a legal and logical defense is needed to protect those who are under direct attack. From legal observation to court cases, I know that the road ahead will be rough and it is exactly where I need to be.

I'm a big advocate for putting your money where your mouth is, and your post just reaffirmed my belief that I picked the best LSAT prep course for me.

majorgeneraldave's picture

Awesome. We've got to hang together now, or we'll surely all hang separately.