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How To Do a Bunch of Cool and Also FREE LSAT Prep on the Velocity Website

Your LSAT prep, like this toy, is now solved.

Your LSAT prep, like this toy, is now neatly arranged by color solved.

We’ve been adding so many awesome LSAT features that I—no joke—took a look in our Resources section the other day and realized there was stuff in there I’d completely forgotten we made.

You should check it out!

Here’s everything (I think. I may have missed something) that Velocity can do to help you understand and get ready for the LSAT, for FREEEEEE:

  • You can learn the different types of LR questions, and the basic task each type asks you to do, on our Logical Reasoning Question Types page (WE’RE GOOD AT NAMING STUFF).
  • Learn the proper conditional symbolization for every English-language conditional formulation with our super-handy list.
  • Maybe the most important concept in assessing A/B reading passages is understanding the relationship between the passages. Find the relationship between every single A/B set, ever, with our handy-dandy list-o-matic.
  • You can get a look at the top law schools median LSAT scores, acceptance rates, GPA + tuition at our 2017 Top 50 Law Schools list (again with the naming!).
  • Of course you know about the free LSAT explanations for every right answer on every test section from every recent PrepTest. If you want a video explanation to help you understand why any answer choice is correct, we’ve got you covered!
  • You can grade any PrepTest administered this millennium, and track your problem areas using our awesome grader.
  • Want some hot tips? Who am I kidding? Of course you do. You’re in luck, friend-o: you can get all sorts of useful LSAT prep tips at our Free Tips page.
  • With our LSAT Question Types Matrix, you can easily filter every recent test to help you spend time on just the types of questions that you want to focus on.
  • But wait! There’s more:
  • Learn the history of the test, its current format, and more with our LSAT Overview.
  • Get ready for your test date with this list of upcoming LSAT test dates.
  • Get to know how the LSAT is scored with this handy explainer.
  • Download a free PrepTest, as many bubble sheets as you’d like, plus see score conversion charts and answer keys all right here.
  • Get answers to common questions about the LSAT, about Velocity LSAT, and about law school admissions in our FAQ section.
  • See a list of every PrepTest by date administered, and find an assessment of every test’s relative difficulty right here.
  • See the best template to use for every single game from this millennium with our template list.

Did I leave anything out? MAYBE. {ETA: I totally did!} Namely:

  • This very blog (d'oh). Decide whether to rank your Reading Comprehension passages by difficulty right here, for instance. Or learn how to get Inference Questions right in the Logical Reasoning section.
  • The LSAT Kung Fu podcast! As I write this, we are working through the Logical Reasoning sections of PrepTest 29, question by question. You can learn to do LSAT for free while you commute.

Go ahead; take a look through our incredible free resources and let me know if you see anything [else] I didn’t put on this list.