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Hold Up—Harvard Did What, Now?

kevin Hart is surprised by Harvard's move.

kevin Hart is surprised by Harvard's move.

You may have read that Harvard Law School is going to start accepting the GRE for admission. WHAT. THE. HOLY. EFF?

It’s true! But what does it mean? And more importantly, what does this mean for you?

Well, this isn’t the first time Harvard has done something like this. In 2009, their business school started accepting GRE scores as well as GMAT scores. Now? Just about everybody does!

So I think it’s fairly likely that within 5 years a majority of law schools will begin accepting GRE scores as well as LSAT scores. 


Look; the GRE is a much, much easier test than the LSAT (it’s also easier than the GMAT, but the difference there is much smaller, so I don’t think I think there’s quite so much to be made of the B-school history). This is just, like, my opinion, but I think there is a real possibility that this experiment won’t work out at Harvard. It’s fairly likely that everybody in the top 10% of LSAT takers can score in the top 2% of GRE takers. If that’s true, then at the most selective schools, the GRE wouldn’t be a particularly useful tool for separating out the best students.

Of course, the move will make it easier for people to apply to law school (the GRE is cheaper, easier, and more widely-available—like yer mom! Aay-oh!). So even if the top-tier schools try it (or maybe just watch Harvard try it and then let it go), there’s a fair chance that lower-tier schools will adopt the new test as a way of trolling for fresh meat widening their applicant pools.

Still, law schools understand that test; they have a framework for it, and a history with it. We know how they feel about it. It’s harder to know what they’d want from GRE scores, how they might use them, whether they’ll be biased toward LSAT-applicants. So if I were thinking about law school, at least for the next couple of cycles, I’d still start with the LSAT.

However, if I couldn’t score as well on the LSAT as I wanted, the GRE would sure start to look good to me (again, like yer mom. AAY-OH!)

So, that’s how I’m approaching this. I’ll let you know if I learn anything new, or find any reason to change my thinking.

Until then, be good to one another,


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