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An Introduction to LSAT Logical Reasoning

Stevie Wonder

Like Stevie Wonder, you too can become an expert in LSAT Logical Reasoning.

So, you’ve heard somewhere that the LSAT is a test that demands that you successfully weigh evidence against claims. OK, sure. But what does that mean

First, let’s establish some ground rules: 

Wait. What is This LSAT Prep Post Doing Here?

LSAT Prep Timeline

Do you have any idea how long it took me to make those corners? YOU DON'T DO YOU?

I’ll keep it short. I’ve been meaning to create a timeline to help you visualize how your LSAT prep should go. This week, after the end of the semester and before I start my summer job, seemed like the right time.

So I did. It’s above.

Week 18 + 19: Holiday Interregnum

Eggnog for LSAT Excellence

Those glasses are like 70% brandy. Hic.

Ugh. I’m sick on vacation.

Not as bad as Wife and Son, who were too sick to fly yesterday, so we didn’t fly, and rescheduling pushed us back an additional week. I should be working on my write-on for the journal I want to join this year, but I don’t feel like it.

I can’t stop thinking about the mistakes I know I made on my finals. Whether I did better or worse than I thought, it’ll be a relief to get the grades, just so I can stop thinking about it (of course, that relief will be short-lived; a few days after grades come out, we’ll start back up for the Spring semester).

How To Attack the LSAT Writing Sample

Water-Lotta Fun

Water-Lotta Fun (I know. Sorry).

No new post this week. Instead, I'm re-posting this one about the LSAT Writing Sample:

So we were at a key party last weekend with the usual crowd of professional wrestlers, dental hygienists who'd been hitting the nitrous pretty hard, Lil Wayne and T-Pain (AND ALSO T-Wayne, in an ironic twist), and the conversation came around, as it so often does at these things, to the subject of LSAT prep, and specifically, the LSAT Writing Sample.

How To Assess Games Difficulty

Charlie Day is figuring it out.

Charlie Day is figuring it out.

A few weeks ago, we discussed whether you ought to spend a little time assessing Reading Comprehension passage difficulty. That discussion also applies, in pretty much exactly the same way, to LSAT Games. You should assess difficulty! You shouldn’t spend much time doing it, though! And you should definitely not try comparing games in a section to each other.

How To Make Your LSAT Prep Smart and not Dumb



I recently uploaded a new video to the site (it’s also on YouTube; right here), in which I explain the theoretical basis for smart LSAT prep. I thought you might also enjoy reading it, so I’ve written up what is basically a transcript.

What I want to do here is start by getting you ready in a big-picture, First Principle kind of way for the manner in which we’re going to move you from a place of unfamiliarity, discomfort (and perhaps also fear) to a place of confidence, assurance, and readiness.

How To Improve Your LSAT Score

That's actually literal Kung Fu right there.

That's actually literal Kung Fu right there.

Today, we’re looking at how your full Velocity course membership will help you increase your LSAT score. We’ll talk about what we can do for you, and the things you’ll need to do in order to succeed. You are not going to let those mofos keep you down. We’re here to help with that. Here’s what you should do:


How To Do a Bunch of Cool and Also FREE LSAT Prep on the Velocity Website

Your LSAT prep, like this toy, is now solved.

Your LSAT prep, like this toy, is now neatly arranged by color solved.

We’ve been adding so many awesome LSAT features that I—no joke—took a look in our Resources section the other day and realized there was stuff in there I’d completely forgotten we made.

You should check it out!

Here’s everything (I think. I may have missed something) that Velocity can do to help you understand and get ready for the LSAT, for FREEEEEE:

Oh, it's happening. This sh*t just got real.

There be a storm a brewin

Bet yer salty arse, sailor. Batten down the...whatevers.

Look, I don't want to make too big a deal of this. It's not like we've found an Ebola vaccine. So we will curb our enthusiasm accordingly. Still.


So, to celebrate, we'll do a quick Q+A. Let's do this!

Q: Why are you releasing free explanations of all the right answers?

10 Things Less Awesome Than Our New Free LSATgrader

Breadsticks are delicious, but not useful for grading LSATs

Delicious, but not useful for grading LSATs.

Here are 10 things that are less awesome than our new, free (FREE, MOFOS!), incredibly awesome, useful and good-looking LSATgrader:

1. Kittens. Kittens, while occasionally reasonably cute, are approximately 62% less awesome than our LSATgrader. Kittens will not help you grade your practice tests. The Velocity LSATgrader will help you grade your practice tests.


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