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About That Digital LSAT...


Yes. Exactly like this watch.

What is the Digital LSAT?

So glad you asked. As it happens, that's exactly what I wanted to talk about. The digital LSAT is the same same same as the paper-and-pencil LSAT, except on tablets instead of in paper booklets. LSAC will provide the tablets to test takers at the test center. The content, structure, and questions will all be the same as the current LSAT.

But the tablets might be cool. They're supposed to have a timer with a five-minute warning, and they'll let you highlight and flag questions to come back to (within the section you're working on).

LSAC will start the transition to the Digital LSAT in July 2019. At that administration, half of the test takers will be randomly assigned to take the test on a tablet and the other half will take the regular old paper-and-pencil test. After July, all the tests in North America will be on the tablet.

LSAC will have a free "Digital LSAT familiarization tutorial" available on their website next month (December 2018). It's supposed to coincide with the registration window for the July 2019 test and allow users to see how the tablet works (and I guess allow you to try out the highlighting and flagging features).

The new test experience will not be 100% digital; LSAC will provide scratch paper and (according to their website) a PEN (!) (?) for test takers during the test.

They're also going to increase the number of administrations: there will be nine LSATs offered in the upcoming testing year (LSAC counts years from June to June. So the June 2019 test is the first test of the testing year, and also the last completely paper test. July, you may recall, will be half paper, and then all the rest will be digital).

That's the plan, anyway.

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Be good to one another, for we need it now more than ever,


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