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1L Summer Job Week 1 + 2

Michael Scott

Nobody's done this at my office.

Well, the first week was interesting, and the second week was a weird series of adventures (well, that’s a generous characterization. I started to catch a cold Friday of Week 1, and by Memorial Day, it had turned into a sinus infection. I went in to work Tuesday and got sent home. I stayed home Wednesday too, and Thursday decided I had to actually go to a doctor (ugh). Loaded up on antibiotics, and Friday I carpooled with the other 1L summer clerk to the firm’s state main office for a day of training. That’s the extent of the adventures; postnasal drip, a long road-trip and a Memorial Day at home sick. So really I totally lied about the adventure aspect of Week 2).

I’m working in a small public interest firm. One thing that’s weird about this for me that may not be weird for you is that I’ve spent the last 10 years almost completely in charge of my own time (except when I taught live classes and had to be in the classroom at specified times; even then, though, I chose the class schedule). It’s been a strange transition to office work. 

I really like the firm. The attorneys are all kind and seem interested in giving us (the other 1L clerk and a 2L clerk) work that we can learn from. Some of it’s stuff they don’t want to do/don't have time to do, but mostly it’s about finding stuff that will get us experience. They’re treating us the way a firm ought to treat interns. That part’s cool.

Also, a lot of the work I’m doing is obviously meaningful. I mean, any time you’re working for an individual client (as opposed to working for a corporate client), the thing you’re working on is virtually guaranteed to be the most important thing in your client’s life. So there’s that. But also, I’ve gotten to work on some community education measures. Collating information about aid for indigent children, and another set of measures for aid to seniors. Putting that information into a form that’s (relatively) navigable. The amount of effort I’m putting into just figuring out what the eligibility requirements areclarifies how useful these efforts might be: if it’s taking me hours to put this all together, how long would it take someone who isn’t as well-educated? Who doesn’t have the resources I have at my disposal? Who may not have reliable internet access? Who may be disabled, or caring for disabled children? Who may be working and single parenting, too? Making their lives a little bit easier feels like a useful way to spend time.

In addition to that, here’s a list of some of the things I did during Week 1:

  • Drafted a complaint alleging fraud, breach of contract, conversion, breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, unlawful ouster, et. al.
  • Drafted a petition for a stay of Final Order in a housing case.
  • Drafted an order to close probate.
  • Drafted a petition to the IRS contesting a tax assessment.
  • Drafted a divorce complaint.
  • Researched victim compensation funds for an undocumented immigrant.
  • Drafted a summons.
  • Drafted a letter to opposing counsel requesting documents.
  • Researched the contours of the meaning of “good moral character” in regard to gaining legal resident status.

They just threw me in there! I’m writin’ stuff, lookin’ stuff up, mixin’ it up. I have no idea how my first week compares to my peers who got jobs at bigger firms and corporate firms. But I’d guess I’m having a better time.

Anyway, I’ve got to go blow my nose (yep. Still not 100%). I’ll see you next week.

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