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10 Things Less Awesome Than Our New Free LSATgrader

Breadsticks are delicious, but not useful for grading LSATs

Delicious, but not useful for grading LSATs.

Here are 10 things that are less awesome than our new, free (FREE, MOFOS!), incredibly awesome, useful and good-looking LSATgrader:

1. Kittens. Kittens, while occasionally reasonably cute, are approximately 62% less awesome than our LSATgrader. Kittens will not help you grade your practice tests. The Velocity LSATgrader will help you grade your practice tests.

2. Mustaches. Mustaches are sooo 2012. Also, mustaches will not collect information on trends in your work so that you can see what kind of questions you're getting right (or getting wrong) over your testin' history. Our LSATgrader will collect trends so that you can track your progress over time.

3. That new U2 album you just got for free. That U2 album was free, and free is awesome. However, that album will not allow you to input your answers from any test this millennium, then give you a very pretty graphical display of your correct answers and misses over that period. Our LSATgrader will.

4. Ninjas. Ninjas can move silently, become invisible, and destroy their enemies before anyone even knows they were there. Wait. OK, ninjas are awesomer than our LSATgrader. Forget we brought up ninjas.

5. Olive Garden unlimited breadsticks. The Velocity LSATgrader will allow you to input your answers, see trends in your work, and identify problem areas for you to focus on. It will not give you that coveted "lumpy" body shape. It is much awesomer than unlimited breadsticks.

6. iPhone 6. You can use your iPhone 6 to access our website, watch our videos, use LSATgrader, and learn how to defeat the LSAT. That part of iPhone 6 is awesome. Other than that, though? Useless hunk of glass.

7. Google's Self-Driving Car. A car that drives itself is incredibly awesome. It could eliminate the frustration of traffic, lower your stress level, and perhaps reduce the number of auto accidents. BUT CAN IT GIVE YOU THE CORRECT SCALED SCORE FOR ANY LSAT OFFERED THIS MILLENNIUM, AS TACIT ENCOURAGEMENT THAT YOU CAN LEARN AND GROW AND DO BETTER ON THIS TEST? No, it cannot. It is not as awesome as LSATgrader.

8. Running a 10K. Running a 10K will make you live longer, probably, but if living longer means running around forever outside, are you sure you want to? LSATgrader does not involve any running at all. Just sweet, sweet LSAT answer keys, presented with an easy-to-use interface. LSATgrader is awesomer than running a 10k.

9. Outside. Outside is HOT. The calendar may say Fall, but the thermometer here still says Fiery Death Inferno Summer. Outside is terrible, and you should avoid it. LSATgrader works inside (it works outside too, but why do that to yourself?), bringing you a delightful visual representation of your testing history in the delicious coolness of air conditionaing like God intended. LSATgrader is way awesomer than outside.

10. Ray Rice. Ray Rice punches women. Our LSATgrader does not punch women.